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All of our hot food is freshly prepared and will be served by our staff (unless agreed), we will deliver to set up when you are ready to eat and will stay at the venue to clear away.

Minimum orders of 30 - Free dessert with orders over 60!

All of the dishes below can be added as a side dish from £2.00 per head - please ask!

Hot Pot with Red Cabbage and Crusty Bread Roll £5.00

Beef Chilli con Carne with Rice or Nachos £5.00

Spanish Chicken & chorizo Casserole contains new potatoes and peppers £6.00

Chinese style Chicken Curry with oriental vegetables and Rice or Naan £5.50

Sweet and sour Chicken with peppers and pineapple served with Rice £6.00

Sausage casserole in rich Tomato sauce served with crusty bread £55.50

Meatballs in a rich tomato sauce served with crusty bread £5.00

Why not add an extra dish

Asian Noodle Salad

Greek salad

New Potatoes

Boiled Rice


Buttered Mixed vegetables

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